Reilly Road Presbyterian Church


Rev. Rogers E. Randall, Jr.

Church Secretary - Theresa Scott
Treasurer - Clark Boardley

The Session is responsible for the mission and government of the particular church and consists of the Pastor and the Elders in active service.  The Pastor shall serve as the moderator of the Session.  The Clerk of Session shall be responsible for maintaining all records of the Session and congregation.  Each Elder of the Session chairs a committee.

Elders of the Session:

Class of 2015



Jodi Simpson - Stewardship Committee

Class of 2016

Andrena Boardley - Worship Committee

Johnny Simpson - Nurture Committee

David Sines - Evangelism & Growth Committee

Class of 2017

Henry Cowan - Evangelism & Growth Committee

Nona Jones - Fellowship/Outreach Committee

Daisy Maxwell - Worship Committee

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